Planned power outage FAQs

To ensure we supply your electricity to a safe standard, our equipment must be maintained or replaced from time to time. We may need to interrupt your power supply to make repairs safely.

Ausgrid notifies all properties impacted by planned outages a minimum of 4 business days in advance by hand delivered or postal notification. Additionally, we will send a SMS notification to the occupant named on your electricity bill (where a mobile phone number has been provided) the day before the planned outage will occur. Please note we use the mobile number provided to us by your electricity retailer.

We understand that many people are currently working or studying from home. Every effort is being made to ensure that power interruptions cause minimum disruption to customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the outage last for the entire duration indicated?

While Ausgrid does its best to limit disruption to the window advised, unforseen circumstances can arise where we may overrun the end time.

What do I need to do to prepare for the outage?

We suggest you take some simple precautions before and during a power outage: 

  • Ensure mobile devices are fully charged and that any emergency equipment, alarms and security devices operate without mains power. 
  • If you're at home, leave a light on to tell you when the power is back on.
  • Unplug or switch off appliances at the wall including any alarms. Notify your security company of the interruption to make sure alarms operate correctly without power.
  • Check your car is accessible if you have electric garage doors.
  • Switch off water pumps and three phase motors associated with air conditioning plants and lifts.
  • You do not need to switch off or adjust any solar installation before or during the interruption.
  • If you are without power, avoid opening the fridge or freezer door – make a note of the time you lost power so you can gauge if the food in your fridge is safe to consume.
  • I was notified about planned work to replace service wires in my street, why can't I find the information on the website?

    Outage information for the replacement of individual customer service wires is not shown on the website. Service Wire replacement work takes place across a number of streets throughout the day. Customers impacted by the work will be notified by letter. The start and finish time includes the total time it takes to complete all the work. As we complete the work each customer will experience a short outage of around 1-2 hours while the power is switched off and the service wire replaced. If you are at home, we will notify you before we start.

    If you need further information about service wire replacement work, please contact the Ausgrid General Enquiries on 13 13 65 (Mon to Fri / 09:00 to 16:30). Please allow at least 2 business days after you receive the notification before contacting us.

    Why do Ausgrid need to switch the power off when many people are still working from home?

    We are aware of the inconvenience a power outage can cause and that many customers are still working from home.

    Planned outages are necessary to replace ageing equipment, conduct maintenance, or extend the network to connect new premises. This ensures we can keep providing a safe and reliable power supply to our customers. We mitigate the inconvenience as best as we can by providing notification a minimum of 4 business days in advance and by keeping the interruptions as short as possible.

    What about my fridge and freezer?

    If the power is out for more than 4 hours NSW Food Authority advises that food in fridges can spoil. To minimise this keep the refrigerator door closed as much possible. Freezers will usually not defrost for 24 hours, providing the door has been kept shut.

    Can I make a claim for loss of income due to planned power outages?

    In accordance with the Deemed Standard Connection Contract [Section 10], we may interrupt the power supply to customers’ premises (where permitted under the energy laws) to connect new customers, maintain or repair the network

    We provide 4 - 7 days written notice to allow customers to make alternative arrangements if required. For this reason we do not consider compensation for planned interruptions.

    You can find out more about Outage claims in our Claims Help Section under ‘What can I claim for?”

    Why is my power still on after the planned outage scheduled start time?

    Planned outages are scheduled to allow enough time to complete all aspects of the required work. This includes safety checks prior to starting and before reinstating the power. Individual customers may have their power switched on or off at different times between the listed start and finish time as work progresses.

    I can't see any crews in my street - has my job been cancelled?

    Power outages may impact a number of streets at a time, and the work to improve, repair or check the network may be taking place at another location. Crews must wait until safety checks have been completed before they can start work. In some cases, they may need to wait for any specialised equipment to arrive on site before the job can commence. Generally, if a job is cancelled we will send a SMS cancellation message to the occupant named on your electricity bill (where a mobile phone number has been supplied to the electricity retailer). In some cases this is not always possible due to process constraints.

    Why has the planned outage in my area been cancelled?

    Impacts such as weather, unforeseen network incidents or staffing changes may result in planned power outages being cancelled at short notice. If this is the case, the job will generally be rescheduled and you will receive a hand delivered or postal notification a minimum of 4 business days in advance of the new date. On the day before, we will send an SMS to the occupant named on your electricity bill (where a mobile phone number has been supplied to the electricity retailer).

    I use life support equipment but have not yet registered with my retailer, can I register direct with Ausgrid?

    We take precautions to ensure that registered life support customers are aware of planned power outages and have adequate time to make alternate arrangements. If you rely on life support equipment, but are not yet registered as a life support customer, we encourage you to register your details with us and prepare an action plan in the event of a power outage. Read more about life support registration and how to make a plan for power outages on the Life Support section of our website.

    Will Ausgrid provide a generator?

    Ausgrid does not provide, or reimburse for, generators for planned outages. If you are arranging your own generator or alternative backup power supply, be sure to follow the operating instructions. More information on the generator safety can be found in the Generator Safety Factsheet.

    Will my NBN/internet work during the outage?

    Your NBN/Internet provider may be affected. If you rely on this for emergency phone contact, please contact your equipment provider or telephone/internet provider for further information.

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    If you have a planned outage enquiry please call Ausgrid General Enquiries on 13 13 65 (Mon to Fri / 09:00 to 16:30). To report a power outage, hazard or emergency call 13 13 88 (24hrs)

    More information

    For the latest information on power outages in your area check the Ausgrid Power Outage Map. You can also search a planned outage by Reference Number via our Planned Outage Search.

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