New Technology

Sydney Harbour at night
Find out how our use of new technology is shaping the future of the grid.

16 Dec 2021

Neara Partnership

Neara will work with Ausgrid to build a 3D ‘digital twin’ of the entire network.

09 Dec 2021

Smart street lighting upgrade

Ausgrid in partnership with up to 33 local councils are set to deliver what could be the largest and most advanced smart street lighting upgrade in Australia.

29 Sep 2021

Project Edith

Ausgrid has today announced a partnership with Reposit Power to launch ‘Project Edith’ - a ground-breaking demonstration project that’s set to lay the foundations for a decentralised electricity grid.

28 Sep 2021

EV Charging Station opened in Strathfield

Electric vehicle owners and users now have a second location to enjoy free, fast charging with the launch of an Ausgrid JOLT EV charging station in Strathfield.

12 Sep 2021

First Free, Fast EV Charging Station in Mona Vale

The world first initiative has transformed an existing Ausgrid streetside kiosk into a state-of- the-art EV charging station on Bungan Street, Mona Vale.

30 Aug 2021

Drone untangles powerlines in world first

In a world first, Ausgrid has used a drone to untangle 800 metres of twisted powerlines in a remote, inaccessible part of the electricity network.

12 May 2021

Voices for Power ‘Train the Trainer’ Update

Forty-four leaders from CALD backgrounds have shared powerful insights about how they can help their communities take charge of their energy bills.

23 Apr 2021

Community Batteries

Ausgrid has today unveiled a community battery in Bankstown, which will harness and store solar power from local homes, providing savings on energy costs and allowing more renewable energy into the grid.

16 Nov 2020

Community Batteries

Ausgrid is proposing to trial the state’s first community batteries in three locations across our network area.

13 Nov 2020

Ausgrid Bee Project Takes Flight

Ausgrid’s successful Australian native bee program is being expanded across the electricity network with new hives heading for the Hunter.