Past outages


In response to requests for information about past interruptions to power supply, we provide a quarterly data set for use by our customers, researchers, media and other organisations.

The information records interruptions affecting 50 or more customers which last for longer than five minutes. It includes the average duration of the outage and its potential cause and is segmented by Local Government Area.  The outage data classfication document may assist your interpretation of the data.

It does not include planned maintenance work; emergency work that may require power to be disconnected to allow crews to work safely; or outages on major event days when the network is affected by extreme weather events.

Determining the cause of some outages can be a complex process and the causes provided here are general in nature, rather than technical. Over time, investigations may uncover a different cause to the one initially identified. These files are updated when new information comes to hand, so please check the information on this page for the most current data.

You may notice that the number or duration of outages tends to increase over certain quarters. This reflects the impact of seasonal events such as summer storms, known windy periods such as August or September or very cold or hot spells during winter and summer.

Past outage data