Need more help?

Need information from us to plan your connection? If you are planning a new connection or changes to your existing connection you might want some information about likely costs or timeframes, or technical details about our infrastructure.

We have a library of technical, policy and contract documents about connections.

Do you need information of a specific type of connection? The Connection Types section provides more detail on disconnections, PUMS, solar, electric vehicle, connection of embedded networks, subdivisions and large embedded generation with capacity greater than 200kVA.

Need more help?

If you can’t find the answers to your questions, or you want more specific help you can make a preliminary enquiry.

Customers have made preliminary enquiries when they:

  • are thinking about buying a rural property that needs a new or modified connection and they want an idea about the work and cost involved in connecting to the network
  • are investigating the feasibility of a development and they need to know the likely connection costs
  • want to install an embedded network on there premises
  • are intending to purchase or sell electricity on the National Electricity Market
  • are considering installing embedded generation with capacity greater than 5 MW
  • want an idea of the time involved, site requirements and costs for a new permanent connection or modifying an existing permanent connection
  • would like to know if some Ausgrid infrastructure can be relocated. 

Ask us for help as early as possible

If you need help determining your electrical requirements, it’s a good idea to make a preliminary enquiry as early as possible when planning your connection to avoid project delays. 

How to make a preliminary enquiry

Visit 'Apply for a connection' to make a Preliminary Enquiry. Include all relevant technical details. Many customers choose to have their electrical professional complete the enquiry on their behalf.

We try to respond to a preliminary enquiry within 10 business days, depending on the complexity of your questions.

In most cases, we will provide a written response to your enquiry. Sometimes we will need to inspect your site, and we can also meet with you to discuss your connection if you request it.

Is there a fee?

There is a fee for most preliminary enquiries. Fees are set by the regulator. If we need to inspect your site and prepare a report to answer your enquiry we will quote you for the service.

There is no fee if your preliminary enquiry concerns installing a registered embedded generator; instead, we will give you a quote for any required services.

For more information see Appendix A of our Connection Policy – Connection Charges.

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