Working safely around the network

Clearance enquiries

You may need to submit a Safety Advice Request if you are working near powerlines or operating plant or equipment in proximity to the electricity network.  Where required, Ausgrid will assess your site to check whether further safety controls are required. 

How to make a Safety Advice Request

Step 1 Refer to the Ausgrid Quick Reference Guide for Safety Clearances
Step 2 Apply for safety advice by downloading and completing the form below and emailing to:

What happens next?  

Our teams assess your request and will contact you should further information be required. If Ausgrid is required to support your work, a quotation will be issued to you in the form of a Short Form Contract which can then be used for billing purposes should you choose to go ahead with the works.

On receipt of your accepted Short Form Contract, you will be sent an email from our team to acknowledge receipt. Scheduling and payment details will follow and you will be contacted by our team as your request progresses. 

Unsure if you need to submit a Safety Advice Request?

Safety clearance distances differ between work types, and your level of accreditation.

You may not need to submit a clearance enquiry if, after reading the SafeWork NSW - Work Near Overhead Power Lines Code Of Practice relevant to your work type, you have determined that you are working outside of the defined safety clearance.

Please select the type of work you are conducting from the list below to make a preliminary self-assessment. 

Choose the scenario that best suits your work type

Our safety clearance guide for each work type helps you check whether you need Ausgrid to make further safety checks on your site.